Registration Fee:$250 (non refundable)

All fee’s are due the day of registration!

  1. Each model will be provided a photo shoot,models will have at least 20 shots to choose from,7 will be chosen for the face and body shots.
  2. Each model will be provided 50 comp cards & 1 digital comp card for online publishing,a comp card is the models resume,its the models ID,it has a face shot on the front,with the basic models information to the side of the card,3 to 4 small body shots on the back.
  3. Each model will also be provided two uniforms,one short sleeve & one long sleeve shirt,one pair of leggings,and one pair of shorts.
  4. Each model also will be provided a pair of heels that are comfortable and has a military grip on the bottom.

Registration Dates: Wednesday June 27,Thursday June 28 & Friday June 29. Location & time will be giving soon enough